Providing the assistance, guidance and education for common everyday behavioural struggles to severe challenges, whatever the case may be we are sure to be able to provide solutions to reset and rebalance your relationship with your dog.

If you are ready to transform your relationship with your dog, contact us today! 

Jenn & Dee are miracle workers! After working with our rescue and his reactive behaviour, we are able to walk him with confidence. After experiencing a significant injury due to his reaction to another dog, I was reluctant to walk him. After just four lessons I can now take him on walks anywhere without worrying. I now carry their business cards with me to share with others who are dealing with issues with their dogs.
— H. Kroeker

Meet The Team! 



Co-Owner & Founder of Calming K9 | Head Trainer

Jennifer has always had a passion for animals and helping people. She has a background in healthcare with a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree. 

Jennifer's passion for animals guided her towards working with dogs within her community. She has combined her love for animals and helping people and teaches owners how to unlock the key to effectively communicate with their pets. She shares the secret recipe to bridge the gap and understand the dynamics of the human and canine relationship.

Jennifer regularly travels to the United States and within Canada to work with other well respected trainers within the industry. She regularly attends workshops and seminars to continue her education in the canine field and expand her knowledge and skillset to ensure that Calming K9 clients receive the utmost quality of service.  




Co - Owner & Founder of Calming K9 |  Professional Dog Trainer  

Dee is Calming K9's board and train extraordinaire and heel master. She has a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree and has five years experience working with dogs and helping families re-establish healthy boundaries to create the dog of their dreams. 

If she's not training or walking dogs, she is working hard putting together content for social media and designing programs for seminars that we host across the country. 


Missy & Finn, adopted senior pair pictured with Tamara. 


Coordinator & Events Planner

Tamara is a university educated Paralegal that currently works as a property coordinator downtown Vancouver. Tamara adopted a pair of bonded senior dogs that were both leash reactive towards other dogs and fearful of other people. Through exposure, training and pack walks, Tamara was able to help her dogs work through their fears and take on the role of “pack-leader.”  Now, Tamara and her dogs all enjoy their walks together along the sea wall and love to spend time in dog friendly cafe's in the city.

Tamara would like to share her time within the dog world and is coordinating Calming K9's client scheduling, seminars locations and local events. We are very excited to have her join Calming K9 Family and the Team! 

Calming K9's Pack Dogs 

Bruno A.K.A Big "B"

Bruno is a 3 year old, Labrador, Mastiff, Boxer mix. He is high energy, very driven dog and will do anything for food or a ball.

When he was 12 weeks old he was diagnosed with a skin condition called demodex mange. This prevented him from expereincning important social opportunities as he was very ill from the condition. He bounced back and was completely healthy at 10 months old and we got right to work training and re-socializing him. 

He regularly attends private lessons to help rehabilitate client dogs and is an avid member of our team. 

Bella A.K.A Queen "B"

Bella is a 12 year old, purebred chihuahua. She became a permanent member of the Calming K9 Pack when she was 10 years old when her behaviour became too much to manage. She was your typical noisy chihuahua that barked at anything and everything. She required a stable routine, boundaries and a lot of exercise to return this out of control ankle biter into a calm, stable, well behaved senior citizen.

Don't let her age or her size fool you, she can pack walk right alongside the large dogs with ease. She is enjoying her golden years soaking up the sunshine and relaxing on her extra large plush dog bed every evening. 


Radar A.K.A Squishy 

Radar is a 2 year old, purebred French Bulldog and is the newest addition to our pack. He was surrendered to us when his activity level and exercise needs combined with his pushy personality became too much for his family. 

He is a little guy with a huge personality. He helps during training lessons when we are teaching client dogs to ignore and walk past other dogs. If you have a leash reactive dog, you will be seeing him during your training lessons with us. Be prepared to be charmed by his squishy little face. 

My family is beyond thankful for everything Calming K9 has done for us. They have restored peace back into my home and put my faith back into dog trainers. My dogs had no manners, pulled on leash, didn’t listen and barked at other dogs. After a week of board and train there is more improvement than I can believe. I will recommend Calming K9 to anyone with pups that have issues big or small. They have been a pleasure to work with. I cannot express enough gratitude for Jennifer & Dee, they really care and it shows!
— Michelle. P