Our highly sought after immersion board & train program


This is our most popular program, where we do all the hard work for you!

At Calming K9 we immerse your dog into a structured lifestyle where they will learn the foundation of a balanced training approach. Your dog will receive specialized one to one training and will learn how to be a well behaved, well balanced dog with all the skills necessary to continue on the path to live a life of off leash freedom. 

This program will provide you with training that you can rely on and will give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your dog again!

I am so grateful for the training we got for myself and my dog Angel. He was my first puppy as I have only ever adopted older dogs. Their experience and tips were amazing. They are always there for me even 6 months later if I have any questions and for continued support. At the time my concerns were leash pulling and separation anxiety, both of which he is amazing with now.
— J. Scott

This program is for all dogs that require obedience training and for owners that are looking to have a professional work with their dog right from the start. This program is great for puppies 6 months and older, rambunctious teenage dogs and adult dogs that require assistance with rebalancing their state of mind and getting back on track.

  • Stop leash pulling, barking, lunging and have your dog walk politely next to you.

  • Stop selective hearing and teach your dog to come when called, every time.

  • Stop counter surfing and stealing food and teach polite household manners.

  • Stop guarding food or toys from people and/or dogs and teach the dog to release items when asked.

  • Stop destructive anxious behaviours and bring back balance and calm.

  • Build confidence.

  • Regain control.

  • Have peace of mind with our continued on going support.

  • Obedience training that is reliable outside in the real world.

  • Off leash freedom for you and your dog!

Program Details

During our Three Week Immersion Board & Train Programs your dog will receive:

  • Daily structured walks and obedience training.

  • Structured feeding and lifestyle routine.

  • Solutions for unwanted behaviours you are experiencing with your dog.

  • Teach your dog how to pass other dogs calmly, respond to you in distracting environments

  • Be reliable and fluent in all commands.

  • Video/picture updates via our social media (instagram & facebook page).

  • Follow up private one to one coaching lessons and on going support.

This program is for dog owners who are struggling to regain control of their relationship with their dog, this program will dramatically improve your dog's behaviour. Our board and train program includes one in depth lesson lasting approximately two hours, upon completion of the program when you pick up your dog. This will allow you to learn the foundation training that has been taught to your dog and allow you to work with your dog hands on with our guidance. Approx. 7- 10 days following your program you will receive an additional in depth lesson in your home (used within one month of the training program) for follow up to ensure that your dog is responding to you and to answer any questions you may have. You will also gain access to our training club community for continued practice and support for lifelong success.

*A shorter stay may be possible depending upon severity of behaviour. Please inquire about your unique dog and behaviour.

We can say that Calming K9 truly saved our dog. She was so reactive she could not be around other dogs, kids or anyone without lunging and barking. We were faced with the impossible decision of possibly re-homing her. Jennifer & Dee went through an entire re-training program with her. They were kind, patient and reassured us. Following their board and train program Mara was a new dog. She is now calm and doesn’t bark at anyone. Calming K9 is truly the best gift you could ever give your dog.
— C. McDonald