Frequently Asked Questions

What is a balanced training approach? 

The best gift you could give is including your dog in your life and in the activities that you partake in with friends and family. We believe that training your family canine companion to be the best they can be, requires bringing balance back to your relationship. We teach your dog to co-exist so they can be included in your family activities, be around other dogs and enjoy life with you. 

Our relationship based training is founded on achieving the right balance between structure/boundaries, physical body exercise, mental stimulation, and affection/praise. We use positive reinforcement in all of our training plans and we also believe it is okay to say “no” to your dog. Together we provide your dog the leadership and direction, using clear communication and guidance that your dog can understand. Following a structured training plan does not mean you cannot have fun with your dog or that you need to stop giving affection to your dog but it does require that you follow the training plan before giving these in excess (affection, treats, and freedom) to your dog. If you follow the balanced training plan provided you will see your dog’s unwanted behaviour improve.


How do i BECOME a client of calming k9?

We would be happy to serve you and work with your dog. If you are interested in working with us, there is three step process.

  1. Fill out a Contact Form on our contact us page. You can get quick access to that form by clicking here!

  2. Meet with our trainer in person to assess your dog and discuss our training plans.

  3. Enrol your dog in one of our unique programs and we support and guide you through the process of training your dog.


Can I reschedule booked private lesson appointments?

Absolutely! We understand that life can get busy and you may need to reschedule a booked lesson appointment. However consistency is very important during a training program and therefore we do like to see our clients regularly. We allow up to two rescheduled appointments per program and require 48 hours notice to reschedule a training lesson in writing via email. Failure to notify within the time frame above will result in a missed lesson. 


Can I come visit my dog during a board and train? 

We know that sending your dog away into a training program can be hard and that there are emotions associated with doing so. We can assure you that your dog will be treated just like our own and we provide updates during your dog’s stay with us. However it is not recommended that owners come to visit their dogs during our board and train program. Your dog will be learning a lot of life skills so they can be successful with you once they return home.


What do I have to do when my dog returns home from a board and train? 

Owner participation and consistency is key in ensuring that your dog maintains all the skills they learned during our board and train program. We provide private lessons following completion of the program to transfer over the training and teach you how to work with your dog and a 90 day plan for you to follow. It is recommended that you attend our exclusive training club which is included in your program for continued practice and support. This training club is a chance for you to connect with us and we can assist you as you work with your dog and answer any questions you may have. 


is there a GUARANTEE? 

We provide owners with the training tools and skills needed to maintain a well behaved, well balanced family dog. Owner cooperation, and commitment to the program greatly affects the success of the dog's training results. As we cannot guarantee other people’s efforts or willingness to continue to work with their dog following and during a training program, it would be unethical for us to guarantee 100% success. The good news is, we take pride in working with clients who we feel are absolutely committed to their dog's training and if clients follow our suggestions and training plan, they will be successful. We value the business of our clients and are available following any training program for continued follow up support.