Customized Training Programs & Dog Walking Services 

Our goal is to create the best experience for you and your dog with the results you deserve. Having the dog you have always wanted can be achieved with our unique, relationship based training approach. Stress, struggles and an unruley dog can be a thing of the past, the dog you have always dreamed of is possible and can be achieved  sooner than you think! We can show you how. 


One to one customized private training 

In our private training programs you will work one on one with one of our skilled trainers. We will design a customized training plan to help you and your family work towards resolving your dog's unwanted behaviours and achieve your training goals. We work with you towards building a better relationship between you and your dog. Our programs are designed to reduce stress, stop unwanted behaviours and get your dog back on track and listening to you! Puppy Programs Available to get you started off on the right paw! 

During our private programs we will teach you how to Stop Unwanted Behaviours

  • Leash Pulling

  • Excessive barking at people and /or dogs

  • Running away and not coming when called

  • Jumping on furniture and/or up on people

  • Anxious/fear based behaviours

  • Rushing out the front door

  • Mouthing/nipping

Your dog will learn the following commands/behaviours:

  • Loose leash walking – walk on left or right side beside owner as a team, not in front and no pulling ahead

  • Place – go to a dog bed or mat, stay there and relax until given further notice or released

  • Come – come when called and sit in front of owner

  • Sit – sit with built in stay, sit when owner stops walking at intersections and crosswalks

  • Down – down with built in stay

  • Out – drop a toy, anything from their mouth, and move away

  • Yes – marker word to let your dog know that they have completed a successful command and can come in for a reward, builds drive and enthusiasm

  • Good – stationary marker work, tells your dog to keep doing what they are doing, builds duration

  • Nope – lets your dog know that they are on the wrong track or have made a mistake and to try again

  • Break – your dog is free to be released from command and have free time

We will resolve issues of not listening once and for all. We will teach you how to read your dog's body language and how to prevent problems from reoccurring so you can spend more time enjoying your dog. We will teach your dog to listen to you even around distractions and come when called. Wouldn't it be great to be able to take your dog out in public and have your dog be well behaved and respond to you? This is possible with our training programs. We get the results you desire in a way that's easy to understand and to maintain long after training is over. We also provide continue and follow up support during and after your training program is completed. 


Board & Train Immersion programs 

Are you are struggling with your dog's behaviour and it is impacting your life? Are you spending more time feeling frustrated with your dog than you are enjoying them? Are you overwhelmed, stressed and don't know where to start?

During our board and train program we do all the hard work for you! We transform dogs with unmanageable behaviours into calm, well behaved, well balanced, trained dogs that the whole family can enjoy. You will be able to take your dog in public and not be worried or embarassed about their behaviour. You will be able to take your dog places that you once avoided or were to scared or embarrassed to go to with your dog. You will have the best behaved, well trained dog in the neighbourhood and among your friends.

Behavioural challenges such as severe reactivity (barking, lunging) towards other dogs, anxious behaviours and/or fear issues towards people/dogs, can be very overwhelming and stressful for families and the dogs themselves. 

Our board and train programs immerse your dog into an educational program that allow our skilled trainer to work with your dog for multiple sessions each day during their stay. We take out all of the guess work and get right down to business training your dog the right way from the start. Our board and train programs are uniquely customized and based upon the individual dog's behaviour as well as your goals as the owner and are highly successful.

*Space is Limited, inquire today!*

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Training Club | continuing education 

Support is key following any training program. This is why we have designed our unique client only, exclusive training club. Experience our K9 community group support which will provide you with continued learning and access to our trainers after your training program is completed to ask questions and fine tuning. 

Learn, socialize and MORE while having fun working with your dog. These classes are available strictly to clients who have previously completed a training with us for on going practice and support.  Our training club runs on a continual basis from spring to fall and there is always something new for you to work on with your dog. These classes provide an opportunity to proof your dog's obedience in real life situations and is a great socialization opportunity for your dog.

Come and join the fun. *Classes On Now* 

Dog Walking Services

Do you work long hours and or have a dog with high energy? Wouldn't it be nice to not have to worry about how you are going to make dinner, put the kids to bed AND find time to walk the dog?

Let us help you.

We offer a unique walking service not like anything you will find anywhere else. Our dog walks are different because we provide complimentary training during our walks. Not only do we provide both mental and physical stimulation that all dogs require to be happy and healthy, we also work on your dog's overall manners, teaching a calm balanced state of mind. You can come home to a calm, relaxed, well behaved dog, because they too had a busy day. 

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virtual coaching 

Not in our local area? Not to worry, you can still get the help you need! 

We offer one to one personalized coaching as well as live demonstrations to help you achieve the results you are looking for. You will also receive personalized videos with explanations specific to your dog's needs and your goals. 

We have coached and worked with dogs virtually from Toronto Canada, Washington, U.S.A, California,  Las Vegas Nevada and more. 

We will uncover what is holding you back from acheiving outstanding behaviour from your dog and work with you to over come those challenges. We will set up a tailored training plan for you and your dog, unique to your lifestyle and training goals.

You do not have to struggle with unwanted behaviour. Help is closer than you think!