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How are we different? 

We are more than your average dog walker. Our walks provide dogs with the necessary outings that they require to feel fulfilled and provide basic training that is all included! That's right, you won't pay anything extra for our trained professionals to work with your dog in a training capacity during their walks. At Calming K9 we believe that every interaction your dog has with other people and other dogs is an opportunity for learning. So why let your dog engage in naughty behaviour like pulling on leash and barking at other dogs or people while out with a dog walker? Our trained professionals will teach your dog how to walk politely in a group of other dogs and enhance their leash walking etiquette.  

What are the benefits? 

Your dog will be both mentally and physically stimulated during their outings and you can go to work guilt free knowing your dog is out having fun and learning at the same time! All of our walks are on leashed walks to ensure that your dog will always be safe in our care. Your dog will learn how to socialize and work in a group of dogs which harnesses their natural pack instincts. This is extremely beneficial for dogs as this helps to build confidence, release excess energy and reduce stress. You will notice an improvement in your dog's overall walking behaviour after walking with Calming K9. Every dog deserves the pleasure of an outing during the day while their owners are away. 

What type of training is included? 

During all of our walks we teach our client dogs to walk politely on leash. In our pack walks we practice sit/stays when our walker stops at intersections and group down/stays for impulse control which teaches dogs how to relax and be calm. We also work on teaching a calm, balanced state of mind and will not allow naughty shenanigans to take place on a walk, like lunging or barking. 


Group Pack Walks

If you have a friendly, social dog that needs exercise while you are at work and a potty break, then our one-hour group walks are perfect. Our pack walks are small in size with a maximum of four dogs per group. 

Private Walks (limited availability)

If you have a dog that is selective with other dogs, or is an extremely heavy puller on leash, then our private one-hour walks are perfect. Private walks are for intact males, females in heat, and dogs with behavioural challenges. We are currently not accepting human aggressive dogs in our walking program.


  • Discounts available for multiple dogs from the same household.
  • Door to door pick up and drop off, setting out water and food if requested. 
  • Currently Servicing: Willoughby-Willowbrook, Walnut Grove, Brookswood, Langley, B.C.
  • Email us to get on the waitlist! 


I have a five month old husky puppy named Zelda and walking her was a nightmare. In 5 minutes with their techniques and lead, Zelda stopped getting distracted and no longer pulled. She walked calmly by my side and focused on me the entire time. I can’t thank theses ladies enough for their help with my puppy. All it takes is finding the right trainer and Calming K9 is it for me. I highly recommend them.
— T. Pham