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Calming K9 specializes in obedience training for the family dog, servicing Coquitlam and Langley, British Columbia Canada.

We work in partnership as a team with our clients to achieve their training goals with their dogs. To start every great relationship we focus on the human end of the leash. We focus on rebalancing the relationship between the dog and the human to unlock patterns that are holding back progress. We strive to enhance the connection between the dog and the human and help the dog be the best that they can be, while ironing out any kinks along the way.

We value the uniqueness of every dog owner and and this is why all of our training programs are customized to suit the specific needs and address the exact issues clients are experiencing with their dogs. We will provide the outstanding service that clients and their dogs deserve and once you are a client, you are apart of the Calming K9 Family for life!

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I can’t even put into words how thankful I am I heard about these girls. Brody was very reactive to other dogs and sometimes people. I was never able to take him to coffee shops or markets. Now that he has completed training with Calming K9 I am now able to take him to local farmers markets with lots of people and dogs and Brody does AMAZING. Jenn and Dee have made this such a positive experience for me.
— D. Jordan

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